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Code Quest

Enter Ogilvy. This was one of the first projects I worked on when I join Ogilvy Jhb a few months back. Sam and I had an estimated week to pull this campus activation off. As we were both fairly new to the Cell C account it was quite a challenge to say the least (That and being knocked down by flu 1 day before deadline, blergh). In a nutshell, varsity students had to 3 hours to find 100 Photocodes hidden all around their campus. Photocodes were loaded with spot prizes and point values. The team to uncode and find the most won prizes (it’s not rocket science). We got to come up with a whole bunch of cool t-shirts and collateral which was pretty cool.

Creative Director: Rohan Reddy

Copywriter: Samantha Middleton

Art Director: Carey Dowse